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Who we are


Care Advance was founded in Seaton by Isabel Anderson.  Isabel has many years of experience in the care sector and has a Diploma (NVQ 5) in Health and Social Care, as well as a Certificate in Higher Education (Business Studies) with the Open University. 


The idea behind Care Advance was to advance the model of care, away from one of just being a business into something that was foremost about giving people heartfelt care, real companionship, professional support and the best possible quality care.  There is real love and warmth in what we do. 


Isabel says, 'When it's my time to depart the planet, I want to look back on my life and say that I made a difference to people.  I truly love what I do with all of my being, that's why I put my whole heart into making people's lives better.' 

Our Philosophy


Care and compassion are our organising principle.  It's the place that we always start from.  We centre all our thoughts and actions around the principle of 'quality care'.  


We respect the fact that we are in somebody else's home.  It's your home and we are visitors.

We do not rush!  Quality sometimes takes a little bit more time.  We provide companionship, home care and personal care for people.  Ordinarily, we visit for hour-long periods, although we can also do half-hour visits.  We aim to build a personal relationship with you and we are there as a friend and companion.  We are deliberately a small company so that we can retain that personal touch.

We are so much more than quickly rushing in and rushing out.  Unlike other care agencies, we have a people-focused, not a task-focused approach.  It's your home, so your choices guide our actions.

What Makes Us Different


We are small, so we know all of our staff and clients really well.  We are aiming for quality, not scale.

We are proud to pay industry-leading salaries to our care staff.

We are a family-owned company, not an 'off-the-shelf' franchise.  We started Care Advance because we are truly passionate about what we do. 

We ensure continuity of carers.

We stay for as long as we say we will and we turn up on time.  If we're going to be late, we will let you know. 

Experienced in dementia care, care of the elderly, end of life, Parkinson's and stroke.

We are constantly measuring what we do - we are confident that nobody else in the care sector gets the outcomes that we do - have a look at the Testimonials page for more details.

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